Art and Transarchitecture

This week at the University of Genoa Giacomo Costa delivered a speech about his work. He is not an architect but an artist that "draws" architecture in a way that, I think, reminds of Transarchitecture style. He makes renders greater than 16000 x 8000 pixels for exhibitions and it takes more or less 15 days to complete one (using 3 top computers contemporaneously). ALL the things in the image have been modelled...



In the previous version links did not work correctly...now they should be fixed..

New entry --> W W E K

Iaac and NeoArchaic updated


Peristaltic Pipes v1.1

Bug fixed..

A new version is available in my files. People who downloaded the SCRIPTScollection 3 days ago probably found the old version!


(rhino)SCRIPTS collection 1.0

Hey everibody! Here comes the first SCRIPTS collection!!!

These months while I was learning rhinoscript I found many useful scripts and plugins on the web so I decided to group and sort these just to make it easy to work with them.

The collection is generally divided by author and every button on the toolbar is linked ( just right-click on it ) to the web page where I found the source code.
:::Only plugins and scripts with a source code are inside the collection:::

You can download the rar archive from here and you will find 2 things inside:

1- The folder with all the scripts (you have to save it onto C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros4.0)

2- The toolbar (you have to load it inside Rhino [-->Tools-->Toolbar Layout...])

On the pop-up window you have to select [--> Toolbar-->Import ] and then the file SCRIPTScollection.tb from the folder where you have saved it.

(Usually rhino toolbar files are grouped in :

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McNeel\Rhinoceros\4.0

I suggest you should save it there but it's up to you to decide where to save it...)