Scripting all over the world

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- S.S.S.S.

Lots of Rhino and MEL scripts for beginners and not.

I've found the way of learning these languages very smart; it is like a challenge among the members of the blog. At the beginning they don't deal with any real problem but have only to make a script with established methods.
The goal should be to make the most useful/interesting/fun script using all the methods.

And also:

- W.W.E.K.


Peristaltic Pipes

The idea of this script comes from this project: www.archinode.com/peristalcity

The script makes special multi-pipes along given curves. You can choose the form of the section, the range of the section radius and other parameters. The are many possible results but my initial aim was to generate pseudo-natural forms like muscles or plants. While I'm still working to make it better I've decided to publish it here in case someone would like to try a very first version...

The RVB file in the box..

PS special thanks to Ezio!!!


Matrix Determinant Calculation RVB

Here's a script to calculate the determinant of (n x n) matrices.

Downloadable from my files.